on June 8 – 9 2023

Welcome to the website of the Brain-Inspired Computing Workshop

One of the main challenges for the expansion of Artificial Intelligence is to draw inspiration from the way human brain works to develop new hardware emulating computation performed by neurons and synapses.

The workshop explores different aspects of neuromorphic computing: from biologically realistic models derived from experiments to synaptic and neuromorphic electronics to drive the latest generation of artificial neural networks.

This workshop will address these topics in a highly interdisciplinary scenario exploring areas of research apparently distant such as computational neuroscience and electronics, maintaining a common thread given by the performances shown by the nervous system, from energy consumption to highly parallelized cognitive tasks. Prestigious invited speakers will give technical talks on the latest advancements in the fields addressed by the workshop. In addition, it is possible for the attendees to submit an abstract for poster presentation (including a quick oral “pitch” to showcase your main results). Abstracts will be published in Frontiers in Neuroscience – Neural Technologies section. See our abstract submission page for further details.